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Florida Life: Free Falling

Florida Trend

By Lori Capullo

Paola Roman, 33
Vice President of Housing Development, Carrfour Supportive Housing

"My reson for wanting to skydive was twofold," Paola Roman says. "One, I envy the freedom that birds have and I wanted to try it out – silly, I know, but I'm a free spirit like that – and two, I am seriously afraid of heights and wanted to conquer that fear. Acknowledging and conquering any fear helps me press through moments on the job when I feel I can't."

First Jump: "Once we arrived and I started to read and complete the release form and put on the gear, I began to feel the nervous energy. The scariest moment was once on the plane and right before the jump. Adter the actual jump, once we pulled the parachute to open and fell in the vertical position, it was simply glorious. We also flew through a cloud, which felt like nothing, but I have the picture to confirm it."

Wish List of Jumps: Interlaken, Switzerland. "I would love to see the mountains from the sky."

To-Do List: "Anything that involves height, speed and nature – like ziplining from a mountain."

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