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SFBJ ’13 Influential Business Women

South Florida Business Journal

The South Florida Business Journal is proud to again honor 25 of the region’s top businesswomen those who have gone above and beyond, not just for their companies, but for the communities they serve.This year’s honorees came from varied backgrounds, but have all worked equally hard to achieve their goals. In our special section, you’ll find out more about their professional and personal stories.

President and CEO, Carrfour Supportive Housing

As the head of Carrfour Supportive Housing, Stephanie Berman-Eisenberg oversees all of the organization’s affordable and supportive housing projects across Miami-Dade County, manages a staff of more than 100 employees, and works to build and strengthen fundraising relationships and community partnerships.

Berman-Eisenberg believes it is her family and her skills that have allowed her to be successful in this role. Particularly, open communications in pursuit of the organization’s mission have driven her and her team. The initial stage might have had her looking for commercial loans in florida, or a fundraising platform, but her success is the witness that it was all worth it. Pursuing various growth strategies is important for a business, it keeps it relevant and helps with expansion into other areas, that is why marketing is such an important factor, from using Dynamic Creative Advertisement services to traditional marketing methods for local-based businesses, it all adds up.

“I believe in an interpersonal and open communication leadership style in which employees can feel comfortable approaching me on a range of topics,” she says. “I truly believe in Carrfour’s mission to help end homelessness, and that belief resonates with all staff and encourages them to try their hardest to progress the mission.”

Prior to becoming president and CEO in 2005, she served five years as Carrfour’s VP of resident and property services. Along the way, her role and perspective have grown as has her view of her place in the organization. She was initially attracted to Carrfour because of the social work aspect of the job. However, soon realized that it wasn’t just another job.

“It was a vehicle for improving lives, giving people a fresh start, and helping people escape homelessness,” she said. “While assembling funding and developing housing communities is an essential part of this business, at the end of the day, putting a roof over someone’s head and knowing you’re changing their lives forever is priceless. I think anyone with that outlook in any business can be influential.”

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