The Doctors TV: Carrfour Resident Gets Life-Changing Smile Makeover

Susan, a mother of six, is afraid to look at herself in the mirror. She escaped an abusive relationship after her partner hit her in the face and cracked and chipped her teeth. "After that, I felt like I just gave up on everything," she says.

She lost her home, her car, and eventually her job. Now, she's living in a shelter, and she says her smile is holding her back from getting a job. "When I look in the mirror at myself, I'm afraid to smile because I don't want to see myself like this," Susan says.

When Karent Sierra, a cosmetic dentist who is on 'Real Housewives of Miami' met Susan, she knew she could help. "I definitely believe that a perfect smile can change your life," she said.

Watch as Susan sees her new head-to-toe makeover for the first time – and The Doctors have a surprise for Susan to help her get back on her feet.