Verde Gardens Team Hosts Walk for Peace

Verde Gardens Team Hosts Walk for Peace

On Tuesday, March 6, 2018, the Verde Gardens Team hosted a "Walk for Peace" with the goal of spreading positive affirmations and plenty of love throughout our resident community. This event was Theresa Thompson’s brainchild — and in less than a month she had not only coordinated the event, but also secured the attendance of the Miami Dade Police Department, the Homeless Trust, Core Community Church, and a representative from the Office of Commissioner Dennis Moss.

While we are so grateful to all of those who participated, it is the unity and support we received from all of our co-workers who traveled from different sites throughout Carrfour to stand in solidarity with us.

We are especially grateful to: Ms. Theresa Baker of Villa Aurora who wrote a heart-felt poem to commemorate the day and to give us reassurance that what we all do matters; Cory Sasloglou of Del Prado got all of the flowers donated for the event; and Hector Gongora who with one phone call secured the donation from Crespo Landscaping of the beautiful black olive tree for the memorial tree planting to provide shade and comfort to those remembering all of those they have loved and lost.

Together, united as one Carrfour team, we utilized the time to reconnect with residents, distribute words of encouragement, to assure residents that staff is available to assist them with their needs, but most of all to remind them that they matter! Thank you!