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Students Create Blueprints for the Homeless' Future

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By Wilson Sayre

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In observation of Homeless Awareness Week, students at Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH) have created models of possible living solutions for the homeless.

Each student in Eric Hankin’s architecture class designed a small apartment plan that had to include all the necessities of a regular apartment.

On Thursday, the students presented their models to professional architects for judging and feedback. The students were judged based on the creativity, feasibility and presentation of their design. 

The idea for the project came from the non-profit housing developer Carrfour. It offers housing and services to homeless people.

The class has been working on the project since the beginning of the school year. Director Sandra Newson hopes to use some of the designs as inspiration in Carrfour’s next building project.

“If you feel good about where you live, you’re more inclined to do the things you need to do to keep it," Newson says.

To her, design is almost as essential as having a roof at all. However, design was not the only lesson this project was meant to teach.

“We started with the approach that any one of us could be homeless at any one time,” said Hankin. “I think immediately, the students were exposed to this idea that they’re designing for themselves."

The students certainly seemed willing to live in their creations.

“I created like I would do with any room," said Kayla Montesdeoca, one of the presenting students. "I could see myself in that room. And looking at it, you would be able to live in that even if you’re not homeless,” said Kayla Montesdeoca, one of the presenting students.

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