Programs & Services

Programs & Services

Supporting Residents

In addition to developing affordable housing communities, Carrfour helps residents achieve self-sufficiency and success by offering an array of supportive services, including:

  • Referrals/Advocacy

    Carrfour's supportive services staff provide comprehensive, client-directed advocacy to optimize each client's opportunity for success. Carrfour staff works to connect clients with benefits, mental health and medical services, legal assistance, recovery support, transportation and other services to help the client achieve and maintain self-sufficiency.


  • Life Skills

    Many of Carrfour's clients have either lost or never had the daily living skills necessary to maintain housing and employment, such as making a budget, paying bills, balancing a checkbook, grocery shopping, simple cooking or time management. Carrfour Service Coordinators meet with residents to help them develop these basic skills.


  • Job Search and Placement

    Carrfour provides hands-on job search and placement assistance to clients. Residents receive clothing for interviews, bus passes, uniforms, tools and other resources to help them gain and maintain employment.


Scattered-Site Programs 

Carrfour operates individual housing units "scattered" at properties within the community whereby it pays a rent subsidy and provides in-home supportive services for a family/resident living in an individual apartment.    

  • Housing Assistance Program (HAP)

    HAP is a couples program that provides permanent supportive housing for two formerly homeless adults impacted by disabilities. 


  • Rapid Rehousing Program (RRH)

    The RRH program provides permanent housing placement with temporary financial assistance and supportive services for up to 12 months.


  • Section 8 Mainstream Voucher Program

    The Section 8 program provides rental subsidy for residents who have transitioned out of supportive housing programs or who are homeless and have a disability. 


  • Sun South

    Sun South provides permanent supportive housing for formerly homeless single adults impacted by disabilities. 


Third Party Property Management

Carrfour specializes in the management of supportive housing for social needs populations, providing niche property management services to its developments. The organization also provides third party management services for non-Carrfour communities developed by various statewide not-for-profit organizations that lack the capacity to manage their own housing.