Resident Testimonials


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Carl Hanner

“Carrfour has provided me and my family with the help and support needed to end our homelessness. I am currently unemployed, but with the help of Carrfour, I know I will be soon become self-sufficient and will once again provide for my family.” – Homestead TAH Program resident

Deidre Brown

“As a recovering addict that has been clean for four years, I thank God for Carrfour every day. I now have a home to be proud of and a sense of responsibility. I’m doing things that would have been impossible just four years ago.” – Royalton resident

Marilyn Ortiz

“Carrfour transformed my life, providing a platform for healthy living and a safe place to call home at Little River Bend. I’m no longer defined by my past; I’m defined by my future and the limitless potential that lies in front of me.” – Little River Bend resident

Alvin & Mavis Romer

“It’s truly a blessing and an honor for our family to have been chosen to live in one of Carrfour’s exquisite housing developments. In all of the benefits available, God opened the doors and Carrfour provided the threshold.” – Dr. Barbara Carey-Shuler Manor residents

Michelle Rodriguez

“On behalf of my family and myself, I want to thank Carrfour for giving us the opportunity to live again. We haven’t been here that long but we’re finally at peace and they have given us our faith and hope back… we know there are good things to come.” – Villa Aurora resident

Tracy Gause

“I would like to express how appreciative I am of the supportive services staff here – they are respectful, patient, caring and encouraging. They inspire us and help us meet our goals in life.” – Del Prado Gardens resident

Sylvia Carballo

“I finally have a place to call home – the Carrfour staff has helped me and my children without hesitation in areas that I had lost hope in. Thank you always.” – Del Prado Gardens resident

Justin Deckard

“After moving to Miami from St. Louis with nowhere to go, my three children and I were forced to live in a hotel for two months, followed by a homeless shelter. With the help of Carrfour, we were able to move into a Townhome. I am now employed and attending school full time. Carrfour has changed our family’s life.” – Homestead TAH Program resident