NBC 6 Miami: Low-Income Families Move In to Little Havana Apartments

By Julia Bagg

Dozens of former homeless and low-income South Floridians got a new home Monday thanks to a Little Havana housing development. Amistad Apartments opened Monday to provide 89 apartment units for 183 people that are designated for families transitioning from life on the streets and low-income residents.

"It really hasn't hit us, like you know we have all this space, but we feel very very comfortable," new resident Veronica said.

At Veronica's old place in Kendall, not everyone could have a bedroom. "It was one room, and my two little girls with me and then my son in the living room," she said.

At the Amistad, she pays $926 a month for her three bedroom unit, and there are lots of perks. "The amenities here are really nice. You have a gym, you have a library for the kids, to use the computer, adults to use the computer. You know things like that that a lot of people don't have access to, I have access to that and I'm grateful for that," she said.

Ashley Latimer, a 31-year-old Navy veteran, likes the perks for her family too inside the $24 million project. "This really helps a lot, especially the single mothers and the veterans. This has helped a lot of people," Latimer said.

"I think they should be funded to make more buildings like this for other families to have the opportunity to live in this," Veronica said.