CBS 4 Miami: Miami Man Turns Life Around, Gives Back to Fellow Vets

One veteran spent the holiday serving the people who need it most. He knows the tragedies of war can affect civilian life, and he's trying to use that knowledge to help others.

Cedric Halyard is the Veterans Outreach Director for Operation Sacred Trust, an organization led by Carrfour Supportive Houisng – Florida's leading affordable housing developer – that helps veterans find housing, jobs, and services. Halyard told CBS4's Maggie Newland that helping homeless and low income veterans is his passion. "Me, myself, I am a formerly homeless veteran," he explained. "After I got out of the military in 1992 I found myself wandering the streets of Miami not knowing where the next meal would come from not knowing who to turn to." Halyard says he turned to drugs, but after losing everything he owned, he finally sought help from a V.A. hospital. "God bless America and God bless the Veterans Administration and V.A. hospital," he said. Years later, thanks to the help of several veterans assistance organizations, Halyard is a nurse, a father, and a homeowner. He said veterans face obstacles like finding affordable housing and jobs, but sometimes the biggest obstacle is their own pride. Many veterans don't want to ask for help, but he lets them know there is hope. "I share my story," he said. "I was full of pride and anger but by the help of the V.A. and supportive services that changed all you have to do is be willing and open to take a chance."